The film

It was a day in August. I was setting up for an event the next day, and the movie "Pi" about a man searching for the world formula was playing. I had all kinds of thoughts in my head, my girlfriend was with me and we watched the movie. At some point, someone present built a bag and lit it. I stood right next to it and inhaled a light whiff. I hadn't smoked for ages, I didn't want to take a drag on the bag, I just inhaled that one whiff. After the movie was over and we had everything set up, we went to sleep. In the middle of the night, I started having weird dreams. It started with me seeing my birth and how I grew up, all in fast motion. It all happened really fast and somehow that was such a basic feeling. I saw myself and saw myself a thousand times, it became denser and denser. I came to myself and expanded into everything, I broke and put myself back together. I saw life before me and life after me, I saw my grandpa, I saw my father, I saw my mother, I saw my child. I saw generations succeeding each other in faster and faster succession, and it was not a timeline, it was not a directed being. It was a circle, a circuit, and this circuit became denser and denser, the circle became faster and faster and faster. The merry-go-round saw several generations fly by and pass away within seconds. It was enthralling, I didn't want to stop now. Something warned me not to go on, but I didn't want to stop, I wanted to get behind it. What would come now? It was always another step and another, bigger arc opened up. A stone became a grain of sand and the grain of sand was rubbed up in the water to become nutrients, tiny particles, which in turn were taken up by plankton and plants. These plants served as a basis for larger plants and animals, these animals organized themselves in small associations and groups, families and herds developed. Knowledge was communicated, with and against each other, to chase a goal. This goal was exaggerated and a belief arose in the group, and this belief ended in the true divinity. And everything went in the end into the infinite, which became again nothingness. The nothingness from which the light sprang and the stone. And from the stone again a grain of sand became. This cycle turned faster and faster: stone, sand, plant, animal, group, communication, faith, divinity, infinity, nothingness, light, stone, sand, plant, animal, group, communication, faith, divinity, infinity, nothingness, light ... faster and faster. I saw everything come into being and pass away, I saw everything become and pass away again, a cycle, everything in the cycle of time. And just as there was one small cycle, there were several larger cycles. And the cycles repeated themselves and a larger and larger arc was stretched, an arc which was unimaginably large. And then the image paused. It was as if the circle stopped spinning, as if it stopped rotating. And I saw very clearly the nine cycles of life: First, nothingness. And from nothingness comes light. From the light comes form and matter, which in turn is animated by the animated entities. These organize themselves and communicate with each other. Through this communication they arrive at a belief, they believe. And at the end of the faith is the insight into the divinity. And this divinity ends in infinity and then again in nothingness. This cycle was so clear. I woke up and thought: you don't want to forget this again, you can't forget this again, oh this doesn't exist at all! It was so clear, so definite: this was the cycle that everything is based on! That day my life changed. I was elated. It was five o'clock still what in the morning, I was elated and got up. I was curious who I would meet first after this experience, after this enlightenment, this insight. I met no one, everything was asleep. I made myself a cup of coffee. And I drank the coffee and still hung on to the dream. It was so present, it was so clear, it spoke to me so. The answer I had been waiting for for so long had been given to me. And now began my journey through the dream worlds, parallel worlds, to other galaxies. It was the beginning of the dream journeys.
The Veejayfilm, the AV performance cycle of life. This Live Cinema is a mashup of various video sequences from different films and recordings. Not only are great works of film history cited, but they are cleverly combined with the Veejay art of the 2000 years. It is a performance that does not serve conventional viewing habits. Rather, the viewer's experiences and impressions are elicited to interpret what is seen. An interaction of the images with the viewer is created and everyone can experience their own story.

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